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Nia Curry is a mixed media artist from South Carolina currently working on starting her own fine art studio: Victoria West Creations.

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  10% OFF  
  For people ordering from a state I haven’t delivered to before!  


Customers can now have the power to create their own artwork with me!

Whether they want custom merch, a commission, and more, I am here to help you make your dream design come true.

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Customs & Merch

Come and explore our shop for the latest in apparel, artworks and more.

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art tote bags


Here at VWC, we care about every social issue that's happening in the world. We make it a priority to bring awareness through design and art as well as donations for those in need.

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We offer a wide range of commission options to fit your needs, including traditional and digital commissions. Check out our rates for more information.

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